Rhys Bowen’s Malice at the Palace

Here’s another finalist for a historical mystery Agatha. Bowen provides us with a lively, fast paced mystery starring Lady Georgianna Rannoch who is thirty-fifth in line for the British throne. While Georgie is staying with Princess Marina of Greece (future wife of Prince George) a murder outside Kensington Palace puts her in danger. There’s also a lovely little romance with its ups and downs between Georgie and her mysterious beau Darcy.

The novel starts off at a good pace and keeps it up through the end making it a very quick read. Sometimes, I wished she would have slowed it down a bit. Her heroine however, is a charming, usually broke, lady that is fun to read about. The humor is taken a little bit too far when the broken English of a Countess is part of the jest. All in all a good read from an experienced author who allows few opportunities for the reader to lay down the book.