Nominating Titles for the Anthonys

How hard is it to pick our favorite mystery titles? If you’ve read every book in a series, I hope that means you enjoy them! There are some series that I lose interest in after a while, probably because I’m just looking for something new. Other authors such as Charles Todd (duo in earlier years), I just can’t read enough.

It gets more difficult in all the different categories to choose nominees because I’m not always sure which books belong in which category. I’ve gotten better with the YAs since I make a point to get a feel for what’s being published. Short stories are always difficult to choose too. G.M.Maillet stood out this year but there are always great stories to be read by Barb Goffman and John Floyd and others from the Short Fiction Mystery Society.

Still, as I thumb through the mystery books published in 2022, there are so many! And what a problem to have! We are very lucky. My mom would have loved all the choices we have even if she always went back to reread Miss Marple and Poirot, and of course, her Nero Wolfe stories.

Malice Domestic this weekend! I’m looking forward to doing my first Malice go Round where I get two minutes to chat up my book at ten different tables! Not much you can say in two minutes, or is there?