Susan Elia MacNeal’s Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante

I suppose that the “Mrs. Roosevelt” above was a giveaway that this is another historical mystery! MacNeal’s book starts shortly after Pearl Harbor was bombed and the U.S. has officially entered World War II. Someone, we soon know who, has made the murder of a young woman who works for Mrs. Roosevelt look like a suicide, and produced a suicide note that casts aspersions on Mrs. Roosevelt herself.

For those of you who enjoy tons of historical facts, you’ll love this one. MacNeal produces many interesting characters including my favorite, her version of Winston Churchill. I probably would have been happy developing her material into four different books and slowed the pace. It is difficult to read quickly as I would have thought was expected from the tone of the book. But that’s just me. Those who are World War II buffs, will love this one.

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